VirtualBus gets stuck on loading or right after loading

Try to run VBus with the default map (Maczno) and bus (Man Lion's City with Kjejbark texture). If this does not help - try to switch off some unneeded functions in graphic settings - such as passengers, 3d dashboard, fog, road traffic, exhaust, lighting (daylight changing), and also try smaller view distance and grass detail.

If the problem persists - we invite to the "Help" section of the board. First look for some similar symptoms of problems, and see if there are already some working solutions. When there aren't any or no one works for you, write about it, in an existing topic (with the same symptoms, similar problem) or create a new one. Describe your problem as precisely as you can, write your computer hardware specification (processor, RAM memory, graphics card, operating system), and attach vblog.txt and maplog.txt files (located in the main VirtualBus folder, such as C:\Program Files\VirtualBus). If possible, make also a screenshot of what the problem looks like.

Where to get the add-ons from?

The only official add-ons source is our Virtualbus.info website with it's discussion board. You can find the additional stuff in the Files section. Only here you can be sure that the files are safe and tested by redactors team, who checked the add-ons' working with basic VirtualBus version.

I have installed some add-ons, but after launching VBus I get an empty city and I can do nothing / I can't move the bus

Check if you have installed the add-on correctly (for instructions on installing add-ons click here). Make sure, that you have downloaded that stuff from a trusted source - only files downloaded from the official website will work on a clear version of VirtualBus. If you have downloaded the file from the official downloads system, and it does not work, then check the file's description, if there isn't any additional content required for the add-on to work - if there is, go to the URL shown in "Wymagane dodatki" part, download and install that content.

If the problem with add-on persists - we invite to the "Help" section of the board. And once again - first of all, look for some similar problems with an add-on, and then if there is no solution, write about your problem and describe it as precisely as you can.

Textures are badly loaded (deformed)

Try switching Mipmapping off in Settings > Graphics tab of VBus start program.

How to make my own map or bus?

It's something hard to do. Tutorials and instructions on making maps and buses are located on VirtualBus Wiki, and also on the discussion board - mostly in polish section "Najczesciej zadawane pytania" but there are some graphical instructions too, so many things are easier to understand :)

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