How to start

- Start your engine
- Press and hold the start button (0 in default) till you hear the engine running and see the control light turn green on the HUD
- Set your gear box to D (drive)
- Pedal to the metal :)

Where is the next bus stop ?

In the upper part of the screen you'll find an arrow (green or yellow - depending on how close are you to the correct bus stop) and a distance meter which show how far are you from your bus stop. (it is shown in meters, as the crow flies). Remember to turn on the navigation option in the section "Settings", subsection "General".

How to properly deal with passengers?

- Stop as near to the bus stop as possible (the colour of the navigation arrow should change from yellow to green).
- Engage the parking brake ('W' is the default key for the parking brake).
- Open, preferably, all the doors in the bus.
- Wait for the passengers to leave your bus and for the waiting ones to get into your bus.
- CAUTION - not every bus has the passengers textures, in case if your bus hasn't got them, wait till the blue and red counter reach zero.
- Use the bell
- Proceed to the next bus stop.

Help, I've got a problem

If you, on this early stage of using Vbus, encounter problems, please look for help in our FAQ section. There you'll find also hints on what to do if the FAQ section isn't enough to solve your problem.

Polish Version written by Krzychu025
Translated by: mirk2

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